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Sep 4
Latina With Sheer Panties
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 09 4th, 2012 | | Comments Off on Latina With Sheer Panties




I normally just cam chat with the black cam models when I am looking for some fun, but tonight I met Sweet Tits. She was a very average girl from Colombia that seemed more than eager to do whatever I asked for GOLD. I was typing all kinds of shit and she was doing it! Soon as I got in the room with her some guy walks in and was slapping her on the ass and grabbing her tits. She didn’t seem amused by his presence. Almost fucked up my private chat before it started.

I’ll be checking out more Latina Cam Girls from now on… My first one was very friendly.

Aug 30
Tattoo Covered Stripper Ass
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 08 30th, 2012 | | Comments Off on Tattoo Covered Stripper Ass


I just watched this one in the free room because her cam wasn’t of the best quality. I could only make out the ying yang on her right cheek. That ass WAS PHAT TOO! Some of these girls need to slow down on their tattoos though. Once you get too many it just looks like clutter.

Want to see free strip shows? Check out BlackCamZ.Com

Aug 25
Hairy Black Pussy
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 08 25th, 2012 | | Comments Off on Hairy Black Pussy



While browsing for a little late night company tonight I come across this cam girl with a nice hairy pussy. She was very wet and loved shoving 3 fingers up her pussy. Tits were meh, but I thats not why I was their – I just loved her nappy dugout.

She more hairy black pussy at BlackCamZ.Com

Apr 2
Cam Girl BootyQueen
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 04 2nd, 2012 | | Comments Off on Cam Girl BootyQueen

** Pictures courtesy of BlackCamZ.Com

I spent some time with BootyQueen today. Her name is well deserved. She does a great cam show that features a huge dildo in her ass. I was amazed at how easy she took it in and how deep she got it. Very sexual, but not very talkative.

Mar 22
Meaty Pussy Lips
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 03 22nd, 2012 | | Comments Off on Meaty Pussy Lips


I just had an awesome chat with Anngela Black. Oh you should see how meaty her pussy is. I found heaven in her panties and didnt want to leave. Slim body but ample in the right areas. Very sexy.

See Anngela and other black cam girls at BlackCamZ.Com.

Jan 22
My Cam Girl Chat Sessions This Week
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 01 22nd, 2012 | | Comments Off on My Cam Girl Chat Sessions This Week


Cam Girl lili4u

Cam Girl CandyFox1

Cam Girl CandyFox2

Cam Girl Lets_Play

I had a project to finish this week so I didnt have as much time to spend online. However, I did meet and chat with some really nice girls. My favorite of the week was xHOTSPICEx, she is perfect for me. Nice voice, attitude and nice big tits! Other girls I spent time with this week were:

  • CandyFox- I loved her hairy pussy.
  • Lili4u – Nice slim frame with phat pussy
  • Lets_Play – Great attitude, friendly and nice ass

You can find these girls on, they are worth a look.

Jan 9
Black Woman with Saddlebags
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 01 9th, 2012 | | Comments Off on Black Woman with Saddlebags





I have never been a fan of saddlebags. In jeans, they look “ok” if they aren’t that big, but when she gets naked they look kinda freaky. I fucked a couple and I used those extra flaps to hold on to while hitting it from the back. I ran into this cam girl with saddlebags this morning. Pleasant personality and huge fake titties. The ass was large, but it wasn’t shaped right. She had a fat girl’s ass. If you like her body, she is available on

Jan 6
Cam Girl Pictures
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 01 6th, 2012 | | Comments Off on Cam Girl Pictures


This week I spent around 7 hours chatting with various black cam girls. Its a real thrill for me to chat with girls from all over the world. The last chick I had was from Zambia – Thats in Africa man! She was really nice and I tipped her for giving me real personal attention. Everything I asked her to do, she did. I made sure I added her to my favorites, because I want to see her again.

Pictures from my cam sessions with black girls this week:

*All of these cam shows were on

Dec 27
Black Stripper On Cam
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 12 27th, 2011 | | Comments Off on Black Stripper On Cam

Black Stripper Cam Shows1

Black Stripper Cam Shows2

You ever wonder what strippers do doing the day? You know they stay up til around 4am shaking ass at the club, then sleep… Well, when they wake up, they turn on their computers and hop on their home webcams and dance for tips! Yeap, cam girls by day and strippers at night. I met this black dancer last night and she gave me a hell of a show. Slim and athletic. She didnt have a huge ass, but there are perks to small asses. When she lays down on her stomach you see nothing but pussy. I like that shit. I got her to give me a nice private show where she stripped from her costume to naked. Real seductive and smooth. Next time Im going to have her dress up in some of those volleyball shorts with no panties so I can see that fat pussy print in the front. Yea… You know what Im talking about.

Dec 15
What Is A Cam Girl Gold Show?
posted by: admin in Black Webcam Girls on 12 15th, 2011 | | Comments Off on What Is A Cam Girl Gold Show?

Cam Girl Gold Show

Cam Girl Gold Show2

Gold shows are private strip / sex shows for a group of viewers. This way you can watch a longer show without having to pay as much. The cam girl will set the amount she wants to start the show and gives the viewers 10 to 20 minutes to add to the pot. Everyone who chips in gets to watch and chat. As soon as the amount is hit the show starts. If you pay towards a gold show and the cam model does not get her total amount, the transaction is cancelled. (You wont be charged anything) Normally, she will restart the process again until she gets it.

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